Parent and Family Services

What is our purpose?  

FDLRS/ALPHA Parent and Family Services provides valuable information, training, and support to the Palm Beach County School District and the families we serve collaboratively. We work towards empowering parents with knowledge promoting effective parent participation in the education of children who are exceptional and/or have unique needs.

How can Parent and Family Services help you as a Parent/Guardian? 

We will meet with you or have a telephone conversation and discuss your concerns and together create a plan to begin advocating for your child’s overall educational needs.

We will provide guidance as you strengthen the home-school relationship by building a positive pro-active communication between home and school.

We will listen carefully to you and guide you as you learn to partner with your child’s school and become familiar with available community support services.


What is a Parent As Liaison (PAL)?

FDLRS/ALPHA Parent and Family Services offers families the convenience to request a PAL (at no cost /free) to attend a school district meeting such as an IEP/504. The PAL will focus on supporting parents, teachers, administrators and support staff in an effort to build effective relationships with families.


Will the PAL really understand my concerns?

The Parent As Liaison (PAL) is a parent of a student with disabilities. A PAL receives specific training in: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Individual Education Plan (IEP) /504 Plan, Mediation, Advocacy, etc. You can rest assured that a PAL will comprehend your situation, fears, and overall concerns because a PAL has walked in your shoes. Most importantly, the PAL will maintain discussions confidential and provide as much support as needed.

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For more information contact:

Lissette Martinez-Morales 561-434-8377

Mary Black Parent Liaison (Pal) 561-676-1492