Professional Development Alternatives (PDA)

Online Professional Development Opportunities

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BEESS Portal to Professional Development Alternatives (PDA) offers a variety of online professional learning opportunities through Facilitated and Independent Study courses. Facilitated online PDA courses are offered locally and statewide. BEESS Portal/PDA website

Local offerings are available for registration through eLearning. 

Statewide offerings registration is completed through their registration system.  Please contact your local PDA Coordinator for more information on processing in-service points for these offerings. 

Independent Study online PDA courses are available year-round. The courses are located on the BEESS Portal/PDA website  All course content is located on this site. In-service points are processed through eLearning. After completing all items in the course, items must be completed in eLearning to process the points.

PDA Independent Study Courses that meet ESE 1108 requirements Link to current flyer

For more information on any of these PDA offerings, please contact your local PDA Coordinator, Julie Drewes

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING PDA COURSES: If you need to renew your certificate by June 30, 2023, and plan on taking a PDA course to fulfill the 20 point ESE renewal requirement you must complete the course, enroll in eLearning, upload your signed verification form and certificate of completion AND be marked complete in eLearning no later than May 31, 2023, to ensure your points are processed in time for you to renew by June 30, 2023.