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Pic of Lisa Lutz

  Lisa Lutz

  561-434-8958 or email at:



Child Find

Picture of Betty

  Betty Varnell

  561-434-8998 or email at:



Pic of Bonnie James

  Bonnie James

   561-434-7339 or email at: :


Picture of Vicki

  Vicki McClellan

  561-434-8299 or email at:



Human Resource Development

picture of Julie Drewes

  Julie Drewes

  561-434-8543 or email at:


Parent Services

Picture of Lissette

  Lissette Martinez-Morales

  561-434-8377 or email at: 




Picture of Jim Dunlap

  Jim Dunlap

  561-434-8182 or email at:


Picture of Siobhan

  Siobhan McManus

  561-434-8181 or email at:


Support Staff

picture of Barbara Williams

  Barbara Bonner Williams

  561-434-99875  or email at:



Picture of Maria Knapp

  Maria Knapp

  561-434-7328 or email at: 



  Dorothy Destinoble 

  561-434-8453 or email at:



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